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 GigaIRC Network
Network Rules

  Please Note that GigaIRC Network will not be held responsible for any Misuse of this page.

  Make sure you read it carefully before joining or if you are using our Network.

GigaIRC Network reserve the right to add/remove/modify any rules at anytime and we claim no   responsibility for any file(s) and/or commands that may or may not pass through this server and/or  it's network.

         GigaIRC Network®  will not be held Responsible for any misuse of this page.                                        


Network Policy

  Anyone found guilty of breaching the network's rule will be permanently banned from GigaIRC Network. Open Proxies, WinGates, etc, will be K-Lined upon connection to GigaIRC Network. You will be scanned upon connection to GigaIRC Network for such proxies, this is normal practice.

+ In any dispute, a Network Operators decision is final and cannot be argued against.

+ These are our conditions of use, but if it's bad and its not listed here, you can't do that either...

+ Continued use of this network indicates acceptance of these conditions.


General Rules

  • NO HARASSMENT of users, staff, bots, channels, or servers in any way shape or form

  • NO Nuking, Bombing, Flooding, or other Denial Of Services attacks.

  • NO Mass Advertising/Inviting/Messages/Notices. This includes Servers, Rooms, and Websites. 

  • NO Child Pornography or paedophiles are welcome. User WILL be banned IMMEDIATELY.

  • BOTNETS will be BANNED upon connection. Any illegal Botnets found on the network will be removed without notice.

  • NO Channel Takeovers will be tolerated.

  • NO Clones permitted. Only Three connections per host. If you wish to have more than 3, please  contact An Admin.

  • NO Asking for O:Lines. (Unless you want to be banned).

  • Gaining unauthorized access to any computer systems.

  • Channel names, nick names or vhosts which may be considered offensive or racist will be removed and BANNED from the network without warning.

  • Displaying obscene, lewd, or sexually harassing images or text on a public channel without the prior consent of that channel's operators.

  • NO Racism and/or Nazism or any form of discrimination.

    Channel Rules

    • It is best to ALWAYS read the topic and welcome message when you join.

    • Colors, caps, underlines, bolds are all commonly accepted when used sparingly. Some users and moderators may become annoyed when used excessively. 

    • Some scripts have what's called an On Join notice. It is best to check with the room owners before enabling one of these in a room that is not your own. 

    • Asking before privating is usually the most accepted manner. Flooding or scrolling is considered to be annoying and is not welcome in almost all chat rooms. 

    Services Rules

    • Services are to AID the controlling of your name and channels

    • Abusing these services WILL NOT be tolerated. 

    • Channel take overs and "stealing" nicknames is prohibited.

    • Any user caught "Stealing" these will be banned from the server!

    • We are not responsible for any damages occurring while using our services 


    • The user agrees to all of these rules and regulations by connecting to this network. The user also agrees to any additional rules that are not listed here including but not limited to "common" chatting rules

    • These services are offered free of charge to all users. The staff reserves the right to prohibit any user(s) from this network for any reason we choose. 

    • We reserve the right to kick and/or ban any user(s), hostname(s), IP(s), addresses(s), from this server and/or network for any reason without warning.

    • Remember, the server owners PAY for these servers with their OWN money. Little or NO money is generated from these servers, so keep that in mind when chatting here. We DO have the right to do as we please.

    • Any Government worker present on our server for the purpose of investigating MUST join #GigaIRC and state your reasoning for being here. You must REMAIN in #GigaIRC until the time you leave. Any "hidden" investigations will result in a ban of your host mask.

    • We are not responsible for the actions of any user(s).

    • We claim no responsibility for any file(s) and/or commands that may or may not pass through this server and/or it's network.


  Update 07.04.2020

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